Matthew 8:3

 And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

” I Will”; be Thou Clean

Leprosy was a threatening skin illness for which the Holy Bible had imposed isolation to prevent the spread of the infectious disease based on Lev 13:45-46. The lepers were rejected by their society, prohibited from all synagogue affairs and the majority of wholesome people choose to disregard them. There was a ceremonial uncleanness incurred by the tapping of a leper; nonetheless Jesus displayed something amazing that when He discoursed with evil-doers, Christ was in no risk of being contaminated by them, because He had already defeated the ruler of this world.

  1. And Jesus put forth His hand, and touch him
  2. The hand is figuratively the instrument used to accomplish a purpose. All the physical scenes of our lives happen under God’s hands (His eternal plan). All things fulfill God’s eternal purpose.
  3. When ministering to individuals, Jesus often physically touched people. In the Old Testament, God touched Daniel causing him to stand (Dan 8:18) and touched Jeremiah’s mouth (Jer 1:9).
  4. Saying
  5. “Saying”, it means moving to a conclusion. It conveys speech going on to its final point. When Jesus speaks, listening skills are important to grasp the “bottom-line” or the climax of His message.
  6. A listener has to pay attention, expend energy and show interest to His words. A wise listener follows the speaker from the beginning up to his concluding remarks.
  • “I Will”, be thou clean
  1. Jesus authority was absolute and His power unlimited.
  2. Jesus accepted the challenge by saying “I will “and one word is enough. Christ desires the best for us; He is ready and willing to act on it. Each disciple is called to work out continuously what the Lord wills. The best exercise of human will is to desire what Jesus desires.
  3. Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
  4. Nature works gradually, but the God of nature works immediately;
  5. The leper was cleansed immediately as soon as Jesus had spoken.
  6. When Jesus speaks it, it is considered done; when He commands, it stands
  7. The leper in this story knelt and worshipped before Jesus. He showed great faith in Jesus’ ability to heal him. Evidently he had heard about and perhaps seen others whom Jesus had healed. He knew the mighty power of the King he worshiped. Lepers had to avoid all contact with other people, but Jesus compassionately reached out to him in his helpless condition.  Jesus expressed His willingness with His word and He expressed His power with His touch.


Leprosy is an illustrative outcome of the actual fall of humanity.

  1. It leaves its victims in a most miserable and pitiful spiritual condition: helpless, hopeless, and despairing.
  2. The cursed leper, like breathless mankind, has no alternative until he meets the Messianic King, the Lord Jesus who will make all things new. As Jesus stretched out His hand to the leper, God thru the Messiah has stretched out his hand to all victims of sin.


What a breathtaking view! A man whose entire body was coated with the most hateful disease, disinfected from it instantly.

  1. The Lord Jesus does all the healing and sanctification but we are ordered to totally cooperate by hearing His voice and obeying what we hear.
  2. Are we willing to hear His voice and obey what we hear?


Dear Lord Jesus! I thank you that you loved me, though most unworthy. I am the least of saints and the chief of sinners, but in the bankruptcy of my soul I trust in the exceeding riches of your grace. Touch and heal me oh Jesus, my Lord!


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