How PARENTS Can Lead Their CHILDREN To The Lord: Doing Our Part

Please, read 1 Samuel chapter 1-3

Samuel was sleeping in an area of the Tabernacle where the Ark of God was kept, but he “did not yet know the Lord.” He was “serving the Lord by assisting Eli,” yet “he had never had a message from the Lord before.” During that time, “messages from the Lord were very rare, and visions were quite uncommon” Samuel’s parents, Elkanah and Hannah, had done their part; and the priest Eli had provided the environment for Samuel to experience God for himself. But in the end, the Lord had to call, and the child had to respond.

  • Parents are helpless “to make it happen.”
  • We have to trust the Lord to do it

So, how can parents set the stage for this divine confrontation?

  1. First, we can PRAY
    Hannah prayed for the little boy before he even existed. She prayed that her boy would “belong to the Lord his whole life.”
  2. Second, we can provide an environment where our children can meet God
    Hannah gave Samuel into Eli’s care to teach him the “ways” of God. Eli gave him task to do in the Tabernacle and begun to train him to listen for the Lord’s voice.

Samuel’s young life consisted of being around “God’s things.” When the time came, Eli had the wits to recognize that the Lord was calling Samuel , and Eli helped Samuel to answer the call.

Eli in our generation today can be our:

  • Pastor
  • cellgroup/Bible study leader
  • an Elder/Leader in the church

Who can help us to grow in the presence of Good.

Can we have any assurance that God will call our children? I believe we can.  We know that “he does not want anyone to perish, so he is giving more time for everyone to repent.” And we know that the Holy Spirit’s work is to convict people of sin, convince sinners that Jesus is the answer, and to return to God, so we can do our part with confidence. We can keep our children “near the Ark”

  • by making sure they know God’s rules
  • we can keep our children in church
    much as Hannah dedicated Samuel to the Tabernacle. Samuel lived there, but our children can be brought there to do as Samuel did–to serve and help as part of Christ’s body.
  • and we can keep them in our prayers.
  • doing our part is doing everything we can to make sure, as Hannah did, that our children grow up “in the presence of the Lord.”

Then, we let them go. After that, it’s up to God and them!

We need to train our children to prepare for the End-time. Don’t let the Young Generation waste their anointing to nonsense things;

  • watching in their gadgets
  • partying
  • playing
  • too much time on meaningless things

Parents should teach them to be more closer to God day by day. Don’t let the enemy snatch them away from God; for they belong to Jesus and they have a great special call coming from God. They need to realize that the Lord needs them to prepare to be an End-Time Army, the Lord is calling them to do.

I’ll share it with you what is the 3 categories of an End-Time Army next week.

Please, share this to others. God bless!



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