3 Things God Is Doing In The Philippines

God’s hand is moving in our country today. Therefore, we need to pray for the people of this nation, so, that the promises and signs of the Lord will come to pass!

God is moving mightily in the Philippines.

Some people are afraid to accept that they are Filipinos because we are ashamed of our past. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our identity. We have nothing to be ashamed of our past!

The Philippines is the only nation who has the guts to fight the colonials.

This nation is the only nation who has a so-called “Bayani.” Who is willing to risk their lives just for the Philippines; that’s why we have:

  1. Jose Rizal
  2. Andres Bonifacio
  3. Antonio Luna
  4. Marcelo del Pillar
  5. and more

They fought, they died, they shed their blood, and that’s why we are a very heroic people. That’s why we should not be ashamed of our past. Only our country was able to produce Heroes, Martyrs, and Patriots. In the case of some other nations in this part of the world, they were only given their liberty, and their freedom. But, we, Filipinos, fought for our freedom!

God wants to bless the Philippines; so, that it can bless Asia, and the nations of the world. This prophecy was given unto our nation, so, that we will know:

  • Where will be the destination of every Filipinos
  • Every churches will know what they are going to pray for, so, that, we can touch the heart of God, then He will start to move His mighty hands to our country

Therefore, we need to stop looking down on ourselves. We have nothing to be ashamed of! Even to the people who work Overseas; in Japan, Singapore, Middle-East, Malaysia, all over the World, because even though their Women will work for their country it’s still not enough. There’ll just be a tendency that their economy will go down. They won’t make it without Filipinos by their side.

Our Filipinos Overseas has a very important component of why these Nation continue to benefit from our OFW’s.

There will be a transformation of movement that the Philippines will be the one of the wealthiest of all the nations!

That’s why we need to pray and intercede for our country. And when He is pleased in our praises, and in what we do, He inhabits the land, and when He is around supernatural manifestations will take place.

And now the Lord is ready to do the three things for our country:

  1. recovery
  2. restoration
  3. surplus

Based on the study of our Governments, the Philippines have recovered already. And now, God is on the process of restoring our nation and the destiny of our people.

And after that, there will be breakthrough!

Three weapons to have a breakthrough:

  1. Worship. we need to worship in a new way
  2. Intercession. We need to pray for our nation

That, when we pray, we’ll be able to touch the heart of God to change what is here on the ground.

3. declaration. When we declare, it will be done unto us.

That is the power of declaration!

So, now:

  • We need to continually pray for other Filipinos who don’t know Jesus Christ. It is time to rise up and be humbled in what the Lord is doing in our country. We need to take place! We need to take action!
  • We also need to pray continually for our fellow-Christians who are sharing the Word of God in their work place. Overseas or locals, we need to intercede for them.
  • Pray for our President Rodrigo Duterte to be pure in his motives for the Philippines
  • Let there be no corruption in Government, but, let there be transparency

Let us all shine before men, Warriors!



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