This is what I get from God when we are praying in our Intercessory Prayer.
I just want it to share it with you 🙂

Call the heavens to fight. You have the Voice!
Offer the pearls in your hands. The Lion and the ring is ready. Prepare your voice.
What happened to you, why did you led astray? Why is your voice SHAKING?
Come, My love, sing with Me.
See the valleys and the air. It is finished.
The snow is now over. It’s taking to its place. Bowing on its knees.
Stay with me My love for its Me that you all need. Speak my Name. Stay with me.
Don’t go far. For it’s Me that you all need. It’s Me that you all need.

Why are you looking so far? I’m just near you.
Why do you need so many things? I AM all those things.
Let Me refine you once again. Let Me refine you with My whole heart.
Call the heavens and sing!
If you’ll stay with Me, you’ll know everything.
Stand up My child. Stop the running. No more hiding.



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