For The Love Of Laminin

What Love is this?
It’s dragging me back to You
It’s leading me back to You

Oh, C’mon! It’s Your love once again!

The more I hide and the more I run You’re pulling me closer and closer
How can I do this if You’ve became my whole world?
How can I resist if I know that You’re my first love?

I can’t close my ears from hearing Your voice
Because of Your tremendous grace
I can’t even close my heart from feeling Your touch

Does this mean it’s time for a change?

I can’t put into words all the things You’ve done for me
And after all those things, how can I do this to You?

The grace, the love, even Your faithfulness, how is it even possible?

I’m not capable to handle this
All the things that You gave me is becoming a trash

Sin is like a drug
The more I taste it the more I die
The more I want it the more I become useless
And the more I touch it the more it sucks me
It leads me breathless and pale

Instead of running away from You
Should I run from these instead?

I can’t let go
But You came in
I smell like rat
But still You accepted me

Will You hold this filthy hands?
Will you dance with me like a new person?

Wash me away
For I’m getting tired of this life

Just one touch is all I need

Everything became a chaos
Then Your grace went all over me
Like a water gushing out
All over my whole being

You’re pulling me closer and I know it
You’re my laminin in my body
You hold me together
Pulling me closer

I am a miracle!
I am not a trash!
I am a someone to Somebody
I am important!
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
You even know my name
You call me by name

Who else can do this?

It’s not the work of men but the work of God

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