Ruth 3:5-6

And she said to her, “All that you say to me I will do.”
So she went down to the threshing floor and did according to all that her mother-in-law instructed her. 

 All that You Say to Me I will do

The story of Ruth prompts everyone that even in wicked days a god-fearing life is attainable. There will inevitably be followers who delight in and praise the Living God even in immorality-filled communities. Ruth is a living reminder, that in the Old Testament period the Israelites were God’s selected people, yet a non-Jewish person such as Ruth of Moab was able to discover a unique connection with the Almighty God of Israel.

The plan Naomi proposed

Naomi’s view, in compatibility with Israel’s laws and community-based practices, she was not suggesting anything inappropriate much less unethical. Ruth yet another time complied with the instructions of her mother-in-law under whose influence she had positioned herself. In every part of the Book of Ruth, she is compliant to the command of the Jewish people. This indicates her faithfulness to pursuing the God of Israel and His favored people.

Ruth, the Heroine

At this point in time is a maidservant challenging that the master marry her, a Moabite woman requesting the desire of an Israelite, a woman requesting the desire of a man, a destitute person requesting the desire of an affluent man. Was this an initiative of a daughter-in-law’s trustiness to her mother-in-law, or additional manifestation of the unseen hand of the Almighty God working on her behalf? Ruth carried out Naomi’s instructions exactly, a further demonstration of her loyal love to her mother-in-law that further encouraged Boaz to pursue the likelihood of marriage.

Boaz’s description of Ruth

She was a woman of “excellence” or “noble character”; it is fascinating since the same Hebrew word, gibbor, details Boaz. He was a man of wealth, character, virtue, attainment, and comprehensive excellence. Having qualities in common, Ruth was upright to be the wife of Boaz. They were two of a kind, a perfect partner, meant by The Living God for a godly purpose. The word hayil furthermore narrates the perfect woman in Proverbs 31:10. Boaz’s compliance to God’s law reveals his obedience to God. Boaz would not “rest” until he had provided rest for Ruth, was the type of rest Naomi had prayed for her daughter-in-law.

Similarly Christians wait now until our Redeemer; the Lord Jesus Christ brings about our vindication to fulfillment when we will “rest” eventually and totally in His glorious presence.

As a stranger, Ruth may have viewed that Naomi’s counsel was weird. But Ruth obeyed the advice since she knew her mother-in-law was kind-hearted, honest and upright. All of us know a parent, older friend, elder in the church, a pastor or relative who is all the time cautious for our foremost concerns. Be accommodating to listen to the advice of a person who is senior and insightful than you are. The familiarity and mastery of such a person can be extremely helpful. Think what Ruth’s fate would have been like had she disregarded Naomi.

Her mother-in-law hinted that Boaz would follow through with his solemn declaration immediately. He evidently had a good name for maintaining his word and would not rest until his mission was accomplished.

For this reason, unwavering Christians were godly people who stood out in a crowd wherever they go.

Do people consider you as a person who will do what he says?  


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