The Brain And The Passion

“I’m tired,” says the mind. “But can you stop it for awhile? I keep on thinking and thinking. I still  have to energize. You see, you’re always busy. You even lost your time for yourself. Why can’t you just quit and go back to the place where you’ve been before?”

The mind sometimes gets tired and burned out. And when it happens, it will stop just like that. As if nothing happens.

But here’s Passion:

“Do I have to quit just like that? I’ve found where I belong. I am no longer lost.
If I die, I  die. I know sometimes it’s hard. But I need to persevere. I’m not doing this just for myself. Because if I was, I will not stay here.
It’s not just my own strength who is working here. I know where I came from. I came from  the Living God! The One who told me that I can do all things through Him!

I will not stop until He says so! He created me to endure. He created me to persevere. I will not stop as long as I know that I’m glorifying Him. It’s the fire within me that keeps me going. Who says I have to stop?


It’s my joy through Him that keeps me going.
It’s my love for Him that keeps me alive.
If not for Him I won’t make it through.

I don’t care if I lost time for myself as long as I’m working for eternal.
And that’s my job, to work for my King.


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