The Longing Master

Take me to the waters where I can trust Your Name
Your promises are something to cling to
You never lie, You never fail, all my hope is in You

What can I do for You–can I offer You a drink?
h, yes, I remember, You have everything, so You don’t need anything
Except for my heart.. You are longing for my heart

What a sweet request!

You’ve been watching me, so close to have me
Then you prepared a garden before me

All I want is just a flower, but You gave me a garden
All I want is just a star to look at, but You gave me the whole universe

I just want to relax, and without hesitation, You gave me the mountains and the valleys
And You know what I want –the sunsets –my all-time favorite

You gave me more than what I could asked for
You are such an awesome Great  God!

How can I resist Your sweet unfailing, marvelous love?
Everything that is within me, I found in You

You are an amazing Man
So fit for a bride!

The voice of a longing Master, so tender like a kiss
Like I’m drowning in Your perfect peace

Your voice is too sweet for me
Can I hear more of You?

You’ve done everything just for me to make it through
You found a way, so, I could get back to You

Your eyes are always upon me

Yes, I know, You’re after my heart

And You know what?

I’m after Yours too


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