Parents and Children: SPIRITUAL INCUBATION

1 Samuel 2:26 “and the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with men.”

The young Samuel conveyed a message from the Living God to Eli, when he was a small boy, the Almighty God can, when He delights, uses children to prophesy. The Awesome Creator sees what purpose to fashion of every person before He forms him. Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee”. This verse unveils the significance and weight of parental impact. Eli had set extra seriousness on his sons’ physical desires than on God’s desires; consequently Eli’s sons became worthless men whom God finally killed prematurely.

Hannah, on the other hand, encouraged her son, Samuel, to value the service of God. Consequently he developed into a godly man whom God and other people honored and respected. Eli’s sons despised God and abused other people. Samuel feared God and became a great blessing to other people. Hannah’s dedication to the Lord was obviously an ingredient in her victory of nurturing Samuel thru God’s way. Other substantial component was Hannah’s steady motivation to serve the Almighty God and her regular prayers for Samuel. In Ezekiel 18:4, 20; children are liable for their individual decisions as they grow up. Some preferred to turn away from the Lord Jesus and their lives became miserable. The influence of a wise and godly parent can overcome many other ungodly influences in a child’s life.

As parents, our main goal is raising godly children to become godly leaders.

Samuel, the final judge and first prominent prophet of Israel, had an affluent spiritual culture. Hannah his mother was a God-fearing woman who pledged him to the God of Israel since birth. Samuel grew up in and around the sanctuary, observing the high priest present sacrifices to God and assisting him in his day-to-day chores. Samuel was transformed into a godly leader. He anointed the first two kings of Israel. He remained undisturbed to King Saul when the king behaved foolishly. Samuel is registered in the Lord’s exceptional “Hall of Faith” in Hebrew 11. 

Parents and children must undergo spiritual incubation singly with God. The person and his purpose must harmonize to generate something that will help the church expand and will give honor and glory to God alone.

What does the life of Samuel show us? Children (even at a very young age) are able to make significant spiritual commitments and substantial contributions to the work of God.

Are you making an effort to create a positive spiritual environment for your children to grow up in?

Do you give your kids opportunities to serve alongside you when you are doing the Lord’s work?

We can’t afford to wait until they are teenagers to try to instill spiritual values in them. Begin today. Teach your children about God’s character and the significance of serving Him. Perhaps one of them will become a modern-day Samuel!

Without goal and strategy…where our Christian’s life would be? With goal and strategy, we will be living a life of integrity and according to the goal God had set before us. As Samuel prepared to relinquish leadership to Saul, the new king of Israel, he gave a farewell speech. Samuel asked the assembled masses to judge his life. “Examine my record. If I have done any wrong, tell me now!”

The crowd unanimously affirmed that Samuel’s life was one of integrity. “You have not cheated or oppressed us,” they replied. Samuel’s reputation was spotless. He lived his life faithfully to God.

Would our children have the courage to stand up in front of their classmates, neighbors, family members, colleagues, and church body and ask the same set of questions?


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