Me and My Jesus

I’m here at this place again
So many questions that I have without answers

Lord, I know You’re here with me
But I can’t feel You the way
I want it to be

Where are You now

Lord, I’m giving You my all
For You’re the One who controls
For everything that is within me
I give You praise

Lord, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health
I will trust Your Name

You’re the Rock on which I stand
I will not be moved
Let them see Your story be done in my life

I may not understand
I may not hear Your voice
I may not feel You closely
But I’m still here for You

Lord, it’s breaking my heart
I want this to stop
You said You’re coming for me
Please, come for me

Can’t You see, I’m desperate by Your touch?
Can I hear Your voice now?
Can I be next to You?
Can You please, stay right here beside me
And never leave me again?
I just want You so bad

My child, I’m always at your side
I’ll never leave you alone nor forsake you
I will not let you face all the hardships all alone
Just remember all my promises are true

You’ll always be My child
You’ll always be the apple to my pie
Everything is well
You don’t have to cry

There’s so much more to see
Beyond all of your control
Just pick it all up again
And you’ll see what’s inside

Keep on going until you’ve finished the race
You don’t have to stop
For My strength is enough

Everything will be new
For My promises are true

Keep on coming for Me
For I have something for you



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