Me. Myself. And I.

So, you’re interested to know me more that’s why you click this, huh. Good for you haha

I’m a mess on the inside. I can say that. I’m born in the Philippines but I grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We started to stay here when I was 6 years old, until now. I’m 22 going 23 on July 3.. me and my brother are home-schooled here.

I’ve got 3 more siblings. I’m the third one.

My passion is to paint. And now, I can say, writing? I just want to try blogging. I don’t know where this one would lead me. But I’m enjoying  it so far. It’s cool. It can release stress.

I’m 22 now but I think like a 17 years old haha
I like ice-cream. London Dairy Double Chocolate to be exact.

So, yeah. I’m a Christian since birth, but I became a Christian by heart when I was 12.
I started reading the Bible then. I’ve learned to play drums when I was 14. And the Lord gave me the opportunity to Preach when I was 18 until now.

I love serving Him. ALOT.

But here, I don’t want to be something religious. I just want to know the readers that I am a Christian that is not awkward to be with. I said that I am a mess. Yeah. that’s true. Until the Lord encountered me.

He became the answer to my empty heart. He became my inspiration to go on, and to pursue my calling and purpose here on earth.

I can be a friend to any one. I’m not choosy 😀

I want to meet a blogger someday and talk about things in life. What they do when not writing, what are their hobbies. What do they want in life. What they want when they grew older. I just want to meet new people. That would be very exciting!

Yeah, thank you for stopping by.
There’s a lot more I want to say. But, I should end it here.


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