L.O.S.T gravity of love

Lost in space

What’s more to come

Staring to something

Searching for someone

I want to do this

I want to do that

But all my strength is gone

Alas, all I know is done

My heart is searching in zero gravity

My left hand wants to hold a pen

But the other one wants to do another thing

I’m thinking to do this one

But I’m still doing this one

I have to finish this

But I need to start this one

What now?

I’m bursting out

I cannot hold it in

My brain is about to collapse

My heart is crying out!

Wake up!

The bell is ringing

The time is running

We have to do this

But we’re still playing asleep

Wake up!

Open your eyes

See what’s happening

The clock is ticking

But we play dead

The Master is waiting

But the food is not yet ready

What’s going on

What happened to the soldiers

For once you are strong

But now what happened?

Don’t play strong

All you need is Him

Don’t be lost in space

Keep on holding on

I’m about to burst out

For my heart is crying out

But then Jesus is there ready to hang out

I don’t need to worry

For You are worthy

You deserve it all

For You are my “ALL”

No need to search for someone

For You are my “Someone”

My heart is searching, but, then i found You

You are my Jesus the One that I’ve been waiting for

I’m all awake for the Master is here

Time to do the work

For the Soldiers has been equipped

I thought I’m lost in space

But the truth is, I’m lost in Your love

The Love that can make me fly in lost gravity

Oh, what love is this!

It’s really true that everything happens for a reason

For Jesus is the One holding on!

I am not lost but I am found!

My world revolves in the mighty works of Your hands

You make everything beautiful


I am speechless

Thank You so much

Credits for the picture: http://gencept.com/floating-conceptual-photography-of-solitary-figures-floating-in-space


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