Deuteronomy 5:1 Moses continued speaking to the people of Israel and said, “Listen carefully now to all these laws God has given you; learn them, and be sure to obey them!”

Hear What God Says

When a person made a covenant with God, there are rules to be heard, learned and obeyed. When a man received Jesus as Saviour, King and Lord of his life he became a Christian and he automatically engaged into a covenant with God (through Jesus Christ) and should be attentive, receptive, and responsive to what God expects.

Moses’ encouragement to the first church is an excellent advice for all of God’s servants. Listening is accumulating and taking note of instructions from God. Learning is to understand what they mean. Obeying is practicing and putting into action all we have understood. These three are vital components for a healthy relationship with God.

Spiritual growth

  1. Product of listening to His Word
  2. Product of learning from His Word
  3. Product of obeying His Word

Victorious Christian life

  1. It means hard work.
  2. It means self-denial.
  3. It means life-long discipline of prayer.
  4. It means life-long discipline of Bible study
  5. It means life-long discipline of worship and fellowship with Jesus and with brethren by the heart.
  6. These Christian itineraries will keep His followers running with joy and strength from the Holy Spirit.

A Must-Attitude

  1. Do not just watch from the corner.
  2. Listen attentively, exert all efforts and means to learn, obey with joy and be willing to be trained diligently.
  3. The Word of God is the key for improvement, spiritual progress relies on how we work it out with fear and trembling.

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