Fight Like A Bride

Take my all for I want more of Your calling, take it all so I can surrender everything, take my all for I am giving my life to You, take it all for You are all I want, and You are all I need.

I’m laying everything down; for I am Yours and You are mine! Take my life for it is Yours. 

Time to fight like a bride for the Groom is coming back!

You keep on fighting for me. Now, it’s time for me to fight for You. You’ve given me so much joy. A joy that cannot be forgotten.

The victory is ours! Ready the chariots for we are going!

I am going with You, my Jesus. It is a place where my heart is. The place that I’ve been waiting for so long. A place I can call “home.” So I will fight like a bride. Ready to go out like a Queen; commanding the angels like a warrior. 

You have stolen my heart. You’ve given me so much more. More than inside the box. O, Lord, You captured me!

All I want is to be loved. But all You did is to give me more. You’ve crowned me with so much joy, just to be sure I enjoy everything. You’ve given me sword to influence; to fight for my King.

I will never hesitate to serve You. For I am the bride, and You are the King.



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