Someday Soon

WAITING IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME. But, rather, it is an opportunity for us, women, to be more matured and ready for the future with our husband. Someday, it will be all worth it. Everything!

I can still wait! Yes, I can! Being single and waiting for the right time for the right guy is not a waste of time. I’m enjoying it while preparing myself for the future! Yeah!

But here’s a letter for my ever Dearest Future Husband,
I know you. I’ve seen you many times in my dreams and visions. You’ve already been in our house, I already laughed with you, cry with you, eat with you. I even know your mannerisms! And I know that you are the one that I’ve been waiting for. BUT, I know in my heart that it’s not  yet the right time for us. It’s not yet the time for you to be known by my friends, and family as my special someone. But someday they will! And I’m excited for that to happen!

But for now, I’ll just keep myself busy knowing the Lord; on how to submit more to Him, so that I can submit to you fully. On how to be more prayerful in every situation, so that, when the time comes, when we are facing difficulties, I will not over-react, but rather, I will pray first. I’ll just let the Lord mold me and use me while I’m still single. So, that when the time comes, when we are having a family, I will know how to make them closer to Jesus Christ.

Someday, I will not be alone praying, for when the time comes, I will pray holding your hands, also.
Someday, I will not be alone reading my Bible and having my devotion, for when the time comes, you will be the one teaching me about Jesus.
Someday, you’ll come and help me wash the dishes, do the laundry, laugh with me and going out just to see the sunsets and the stars in the sky.

You will be with me, someday soon. shutterstock_133378736


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