Masterpiece Of Art

Who would have thought that a so-called filthy-rug like me can bring back to life?
A sinner whose future is really gone; a piece of art that cannot be bought by someone

a canvas who has a cracked that cannot be fixed

a picture that is boring to look at

an art that is all alone in the wall

a piece of junk that is ready to throw in the trash.

But then You came in, a Masterpiece of an Art who saw everything in me.

The way You look at me feels like I’m the only one You’ve been looking for a very long time 

Your eyes are glowing in front of me with such a grin face

that sweet look I cannot forget

then You re-aligned everything once again

The Picture who has no color and boring to look at has now a value and it is now worth more than gold

The Canvas that has a cracked is now whole again, everything is new!

You are the Masterpiece of an Art who can make the broken whole again, You can add value to someone like me

Who would have thought that someone like me can have such a great God like You?

my dearest God,

You make me whole again

You redeemed me

You rescued me

You restored everything that has been lost

what can I say about that?



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